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Offshore Technology Development (OTD) - Design & Engineering


Through OTD, we have developed a series of proven jackup rig designs which have gained strong market acceptance:

  • KFELS A Class Series
  • KFELS B Class Series
  • KFELS C Class
  • KFELS G Class
  • KFELS N Class
  • KFELS MPSEP (multipurpose platform)

We have also patented several critical rig components including jacking, fixation, self-positioning and skidding systems, which are used on all Keppel FELS jackup rigs.

Equipped with a wealth of experience in multiple disciplines and industry-proven tools and software, Offshore Technology Development (OTD) offers an extensive range of solutions, including structural, advanced structural, naval architecture and hydrodynamic consulting services.

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Global & Local Analysis & Design
Detailed FEA for Key Components
Finite Element Assessment of Frame and Plated structures
Jack up Structural Assessment & Modifications

  • Fast, practical and cost-effective solutions to suit customer needs
  • Optimised and seamless designs via industry-recognised finite element software such as ANSYS, SACS and SESAM
  • Finite element assessment or third party review for as-built structures or preliminary designs including frame, plated structures and key mechanical components.
  • After-sales consultancy services for design, assessment or modifications including leg lengthening, hull, jacking foundation, drill floor, cantilever, spud can, equipment foundation and ice-belt reinforcement.


Rack Phase Difference (RPD) limit analysis
Ship impact analysis
Dropped object analysis
Vibration response analysis
Fatigue analysis
Push over analysis
Fire, Explosion and Earthquake analysis

  • Offshore accidents can cause sizeable damages and inflict significant costs. By utilising the inherent redundancy found in offshore structures, we help rig operators assess and mitigate risks arising from accidental events.
  • We provide a suite of advanced assessments to evaluate structural robustness of the rig subjected to different accidental conditions. These assessments instil greater confidence in the rig design, allowing optimised weight and cost operations of the rig.


Hull form and stability
Wind heeling moment calculations
Water tight subdivision
NA General services

  • With extensive experience in naval structures such as jack ups and wind installation vessels, our designs are tailored for good sea-keeping, low resistance and high propulsive efficiency. Catering to the market’s foray into deeper waters, we have successfully tackled the challenge of carrying fully retracted long legs in numerous jack ups.
  • Trained in NAPA, our naval architects are capable of designing customised stability for SPS vessels, including 3-D illustrated wind heeling moments.


Wave excitation force computation
Motion Analysis
Green water analysis
Offloading mooring analysis

  • Utilising proven 3D potential flow theory backed by Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), our experienced hydrodynamic specialists accurately calculate wave forces to determine loads experienced on both fixed and floating bodies for a range of vessel types.
  • Backed by a large database of model tests and on-board measurements, we are able to confidently predict the motion performance of new vessel designs, allowing meaningful hull shape assessment at an early design stage.
  • We also offer a wide range of other hydrodynamic consultancy services such as offloading mooring analysis, DP calculation, propulsion and resistance calculation, speed and power performance prediction by virtual sea trials.


Geotechnical Site Investigation Review
Leg Penetration Analysis
Foundation assessment
Other foundation types design

  • Our geotechnical team provides geotechnical consultation services to several rig operators such as Japan Drilling Co., Gulf Drilling International, Seafox and Aban Offshore and makes recommendations for site improvement to mitigate the potential geo-hazards.
  • Leg penetration behavior is crucial information for operators during jack-up leg lowering and preloading. Potential geotechnical hazards such as punch through can be identified early for mitigation measures.
  • Soil and foundation issues have caused numerous jack up accidents. Foundation assessments can be carried out to assess foundation bearing & sliding capacity as well as fixity stiffness.
  • Our geotechnical specialists offer a wide range of foundation types such as caisson, mat foundation, pile foundation, gravity base and hybrid foundation customised to different soil conditions and operational requirements. Our patented hybrid foundation design combines the merits of suction caisson and mat foundation.


Jack-up site specific assessment
Leg punch through capability assessment
Going on/off location analysis
RPD Training

  • We provide site specific assessment for quick evaluation of jack up’s performance to operate in specific sites based on environmental, elevated configuration and geotechnical conditions. The assessment can be done in accordance to SNAME 5-5A, ISO 19905-1 and/or any specific requirements.
  • We offer punch through capability assessments to assess the leg strength and holding system under simulated punch through conditions. This gives rig operators or owners a clear understanding and assessment of potential risks and allows them to plan for mitigation in advance.
  • We also provide going on/off location analysis, based on factors such as given sea state and specific loading conditions, to determine the respective allowable motion curve and safe over draft limit.
  • Our team can also provide Rack Phase Difference (RPD) training for the rig crew to be equipped with RPD management skills during rig moves.
  • Our clientele includes Transocean Ltd, Rowan, Seafox, PV Drilling, Hercules Offshore, and Aban Offshore. Previous assessments have been conducted for Ekofisk Field, Hejre Field, West and East India, Gulf of Thailand.


On-site deployment for Preliminary Damage Assessment and Rig Recovery
Concurrent Structural and Naval Architectural Analyses for incident damage assessment and rig recovery

  • We have a team of technical specialists ready to provide emergency response and engineering support to assist clients in dealing with incidents. Our range of technical support includes rig recovery, on-site deployment for preliminary damage assessment and recommendations to recover the rig
  • We are able to concurrently carry out structural and naval architectural analyses for incident damage assessment as well as rig recovery.
  • Our clientele includes Gulf Drilling International, ENSCO Plc, PV Drilling, and Atwood Beacon.