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10 Sep 2001

Singapore Petroleum reveals new image

Singapore Petroleum Company Limited (SPC) has created a new visual identity for itself. With a keen understanding of the power of corporate identity to communicate the values and attributes of the company, SPC launched a new logo today, reflecting a more dynamic and distinct branding.

In the creation of the new SPC logo, it was clear that the original symbol has served the company well. It is highly recognised, has equity value and immediate acceptance, as well as emotional attachment for some members of the public. Nevertheless, as SPC sets its sight to forge ahead, it needed a sharper image with a hint of its lineage.

The new logo unleashes a lion full of vitality and vigour as it leaps ahead in the market place. Retaining the lion in red, SPC maintains its original identity and brand recognition.

The image also represents SPC’s four core businesses, namely upstream, mid-stream, downstream and gas to power. Denoted by the four fluid turquoise waves, the core businesses will support SPC’s vision to be a strong, integrated oil and gas company in Asia.

The typeface has also been given a modern and dynamic slant. Now surging forward, the “SPC” lettering emphasises the effect of motion and complements the leaping lion.

Turquoise is introduced to reflect SPC’s commitment to sound environmental practices and the enhancement of the quality of life of the community.

On the new branding image, Mr Leon Codron, Chief Executive Officer of SPC said, “The new logo harnesses the existing SPC branding – a premium brand name in Asia and a reputable image of being a Singapore grown oil company – while creating a new corporate identity of progressiveness and flexibility.

“It also symbolises renewed vigour and determination to grow our four core businesses for long-term growth in shareholder value.”

The new logo will be introduced progressively in all marketing and communication elements. It will be applied to retail stations, signages, trucks, tanks, products and other corporate collaterals.

For further information, please contact

Ms Pauline Tan Li Hua
Executive, Group Corporate Communications
Keppel Corporation Limited
Tel: 65 – 8857 423/ 4771 353
Fax: 65 – 8857 452/ 2712 343