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28 Dec 2006

Marine and maritime partners launch TV drama serial to attract talents

The marine and maritime industry is set to grow further as Singapore expands its offshore, marine and maritime interests as an International Maritime Centre (IMC).

The industry accounts for about 7% of Singapore’s Gross Domestic Product in 2005.

“With Asia’s increased dominance in world shipping and Singapore’s strategic location at the crossroad of global trade, we are well placed to grow further as one of the world’s important maritime hubs,” said Mr Teo Siong Seng, Chairman of the Singapore Maritime Foundation.

Singapore’s strategic location has also contributed to the rise of the offshore and marine industry as the world leader in rig design and construction, as well as sophisticated shiprepair and conversion.

Mr Teo commented, “The drivers of growth in this industry are the talented and spirited locals who have the passion and determination to succeed.”

In a move to enlarge this talent pool, industry partners have jointly commissioned a television drama serial to showcase the diversity and dynamism of this vibrant industry which currently employs more than 80,000 people. The main aim is to inspire Singaporeans to carve out careers in this growing industry.

BG (NS) Tay Lim Heng, Chief Executive of MPA said, “ Although the maritime sector has been doing well in recent years, there remains a lack of awareness among the young, and the public in general, in the exciting career opportunities that are available.

“As Singapore continues to grow as a maritime cluster, and international companies set up their operations here, we will need fresh injections of dynamic and energetic manpower. Through this drama serial, we hope Singaporeans will view the industry more favourably and consider joining this multi-faceted industry, which offers attractive on-shore jobs in maritime services in addition to the offshore and seafaring jobs."

Touted as the drama for 2007, the 21-episode Mandarin serial, entitled “The Peak” or “Zui Gao Dian”, is produced by MediaCorp Studios, and premieres 8 January 2007 on Channel 8 at prime time 9:00pm.

Initiated and led by Keppel Offshore & Marine Limited (Keppel O&M), the main sponsors for the drama also include the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), Singapore Maritime Foundation (SMF) and the Association of Singapore Marine Industries (ASMI). The other sponsors are equipment vendors Natoil Varco and Wartsila, class society America Bureau of Shipping, insurer NHM and the Workforce Development Agency.

Mr Michael Chia, President of ASMI and Executive Director of Keppel FELS said, “We have been working closely with the government and fraternity to promote the marine and offshore industry. This TV drama serial is yet another step in the same direction.

“The serial will allow us to appeal to a wider target audience, giving them greater understanding of the technological leadership, the high safety standards and global reputation that our industry has achieved.

“Ultimately, we want to show young Singaporeans that there are challenging and rewarding careers in this industry.”

“The Peak” has a star-studded cast including Christopher Lee, Dawn Yeoh, Jeanette Aw, Elvin Ng, Qi Yuwu, Huang Wen Yong and Ann Kok.

Directed by award-winning directors, Chong Liung Man and Lai Lee Thin, the drama serial is written by Mediacorp’s golden script writer, Ang Eng Tee and produced by Chia Men Yiang. Eng Tee and Men Yiang both contributed to the famous Holland Village drama serial.

Filming took place in Keppel FELS, MPA’s Integrated Simulation Centre, Jurong Port, the main deck of a 225-metre long container ship and gargantuan offshore oil rigs, more than 20 storeys high. The span of this drama serial also reaches to the picturesque Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and features an international cast from the two Americas, Middle East, Europe, and of course, Asia.

For further information, please contact:

Sarah Seah
Deputy General Manager
Keppel Group Corporate Communications
Tel: (65) 6413 6420

Corrine Ng
Corporate Communications Department
Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore
Tel: (65) 6375 1603

The 2007 TV Drama, The Peak, on passionate people who transformed Singapore into a world-class Offshore, Marine & Maritime Centre will debut on 8 January 2007, 9pm on Channel 8.

Seen here are (from left): Mr Chang Long Jong (Deputy CEO of MediaCorp), Mr Michael Chia (President of Association of Singapore Marine Industries and Executive Director of Keppel FELS), Mr SS Teo (Chairman of Singapore Maritime Foundation), Mr Christopher Lee (as Fang Hongan), Mr Elvin Ng (as Cai Zhihang), Ms Dawn Yeoh (as Cai Zhenya), Qi Yu Wu (as Chen Tianjun) and Ms Michelle Chong (event host)

The Peak - Trailer (1.5 Minutes)
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Download - Biodata - Dawn Yeoh

Download - Biodata - Elvin Ng

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Download - Biodata - Qi Yu Wu

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