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Keppel Offshore & Marine    

Chris Ong Leng Yeow 
Chief Executive Officer

Kevin Chng
Chief Financial Officer

Chor How Jat
Managing Director (Conversions & Repairs)

Tan Leong Peng
Managing Director (New Builds)

Dr Lee Chay Hoon
Director (Organisation Development & Human Resources)

Sreedharan Nair Jayakumar
Director (Special Projects)

Jay Singham
Director (Group Commercial & Sustainability)


Kenneth Chong Yun Kien
General Manager (Legal)
Company Secretary

Derek Sim Heng Kiat
General Manager (KOM HSE)

Nicholas Choo Kwang Hui
General Manager (Compliance)

Phillip Mah Mun Kuen
General Manager (Group Security)

Daniel Khor Wei Meng
General Manager (Strategic & Corporate Planning)

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New Builds (Keppel FELS & Keppel Singmarine)    

Tan Leong Peng
Managing Director (New Builds)

Chris Pitre
President, RigCo

Ivan Lim Shaw Chuan
Senior General Manager (Specialised Vessels)

Loe Hauw Sheong
General Manager (Commercial & Operations)


Max Goh Han Bin 
General Manager (Planning & Control, Quality System & Process Excellence)

Lee Soon Wee
Financial Controller

Wong Xin Yi
Deputy General Manager (Business Development - Drilling & Production)

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 Conversions & Repairs (Keppel Shipyard)    

Chor How Jat
Managing Director (Conversions & Repairs)

Albert Kee Heok Seng
Executive Director (Operations)

Edmund Lek Hwee Chong
Executive Director (Projects)

Samuel Wong Chung Han
Financial Controller


Poh Leong Kok
General Manager (Operations)

Burt Loh Kok Mun
General Manager (Operations)

Leong Kok Weng
General Manager (Engineering)

Chin Sze Kiun
General Manager (Commercial - Repair)

Tey Wee Hong
General Manager (Commercial - Conversion)

Boo Chin Tuan
General Manager (Operations Excellence)

Melvyn Lee Hee Meng 
General Manager (Gas Projects)

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 Engineering Centres    

Offshore Technology Development Pte Ltd
Dr Foo Kok Seng
Executive Director

Keppel Marine and Deepwater Technology Pte Ltd
Aziz Amirali Hasham Merchant
Executive Director

Gas Technology Development Pte Ltd
Dr Foo Kok Seng
Executive Director



Keppel FELS Engineering Shenzhen Co Ltd
Tanna Chang
General Manager, Engineering, New Builds

Keppel FELS Engineering Wuhan Co Ltd
Tanna Chang
General Manager, Engineering, New Builds

Keppel Offshore & Marine Engineering Services Mumbai Pte Ltd
Tanna Chang
General Manager, Engineering, New Builds

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 Overseas Operating Centres    

PT Bintan Offshore
Loe Hauw Sheong
General Manager

Keppel Philippines Marine Inc 
Leong Kok Weng

Stefan Tong Wai Min
Executive Vice President

Keppel Batangas Shipyard Inc
Muhammad Fadley Bin Mohd Amin 

Keppel Subic Shipyard Inc
Antony Maria Joseph Thomas

Keppel Offshore & Marine USA Inc
Ron MacInnes 

Keppel AmFELS, LLC
David Wedgeworth

Keppel LeTourneau
Ron MacInnes


Keppel FELS Brasil SA
Marlin Khiew Huey Kang

Estaleiro BrasFELS Ltda
Keppel Singmarine Brasil Ltda
Herman Effendy

Keppel Nantong Shipyard Co. Ltd
Keppel Nantong Heavy Industry Co. Ltd
Ng Seng Chong

Regency Steel Japan Ltd
Wong Chun Yu


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 Other Service Centres    

Asian Lift Pte Ltd
Chandru Sirumal Rajwani
General Manager



Keppel Smit Towage Pte Ltd
Maju Maritime Pte Ltd

Romi Kaushal
Managing Director

Keppel Sea Scan Pte Ltd
Adeline Seah Wee Nie
General Manager

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