Deepwater Technology Group (DTG)

We are the only global offshore and marine group to possess a suite of in-house deepwater rig designs.


Maersk Developer

Through DTG, we provide design and engineering solutions spanning semisubmersibles and various floating structures such as drilling tenders, accommodation semisubmersibles and drillships. Our range of deepwater solutions is further enhanced through FloaTEC LLC, our joint venture with J.Ray McDermott, which specialises in floating production systems.


  • KFELS DSS™ Series
  • ESemi II
  • KFELS SSDT™ 3600E (drilling tender)
  • DSS™ 20NS (floating accommodation)
  • SSAU™ 3600 (floating accommodation)


  • DrillDeep DS10000
  • DrillDeep DS12000

Floating Production Systems

  • Extended Tension Leg Platform
  • Extendable Draft Semi Submersible
  • DeepDraft Semi

Research and Development

  • WaveRun Joint Industry Project
  • Current Affairs Joint Industry Project
  • Ice Effect on Arctic Offshore Structures
  • Grouted Connection Testing

Contact Us

Deepwater Technology Group Pte Ltd
31 Shipyard Road
Singapore 628130

Tel: 65 6867 8600
Fax: 65 6265 9513

Contact Person: Aziz Amirali Merchant, Executive Director

Contact Person: Anis Altaf Hussain, General Manager



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