R&D / Commercialisation

In response to the industry's diverse needs, we are tapping our core competencies and the synergy of our four technology arms to create value-added solutions for new offshore frontiers.


Keppel Offshore & Marine Technology Centre (KOMtech)

KOMtech spearheads the R&D of new technologies, processes and competencies, across the spectrum of our businesses.

Its scope includes technology foresight into alternative energy applications as well as developing designs, systems and critical equipment for rigs and ships.


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Offshore Technology Development (OTD)

We employ the foremost technology and techniques in the design of new generation jackup rigs and their critical systems.

Through OTD, we have developed a series of proven jackup rig designs which have gained strong market acceptance.


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Deepwater Technology Group (DTG)

We are the only global offshore and marine group to possess a suite of in-house deepwater rig designs.

Through DTG, we provide design and engineering solutions spanning semisubmersibles and various floating structures such as drilling tenders, accommodation semisubmersibles and drillships. Our range of deepwater solutions is further enhanced through FloaTEC LLC, our joint venture with J.Ray McDermott, which specialises in floating production systems.


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Maersk Developer


Marine Technology Development (MTD)

We specialise in the design and development of offshore support and maintenance vessels for a variety of operating conditions globally.

Through MTD, we offer turnkey solutions to customers by packaging critical equipment with our ship designs.


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