Keppel FELS - Repairs & Conversions


Our knowledge and experience extends our abilities to undertake repairs, upgrades and conversions of mobile offshore units as well as emergency offshore repair operations.

We uphold a sterling reputation for fast-track repairs and complex conversions, backed by strong in-house engineering capabilities, and versatile and experienced project management teams.

We understand that each rig is a unique and complex piece of equipment, thus we seek to provide customers with quick and comprehensive troubleshooting services, and tailor the best solutions for their needs.

Wherever they are located, drillers and operators can rely on Keppel FELS and its global network to provide swift and effective rig servicing.

In addition, we have an in-house team of professional offshore repair specialists known as the Flying Squad, which can be activated at short notice and deployed anywhere in the world.

Besides technical expertise, the Flying Squad has good working knowledge of international sovereignty laws governing the seas - a vital requirement to undertake a variety of jobs.