Keppel FELS - Jackups


Through our technology arm, Offshore Technology Development (OTD), we design and offer a versatile fleet of new-generation jackup rig designs which have gained strong market acceptance.

Jackup Rig We employ the foremost technology and techniques in the design of new generation jackup rigs and their critical systems.

We have also patented several critical rig components including jacking, fixation, self-positioning and skidding systems - all of which feature strongly in all Keppel FELS jackup rigs.

Proven to deliver superior operability and efficiency, our proprietary rig designs for various water depths, locations and environmental conditions guarantees a rig design for every driller's needs.

Our series of high-specification jackup rigs include:

  • KFELS A Class
  • KFELS B Class
  • KFELS C Class
  • KFELS G Class
  • KFELS N Class
  • KFELS Super A Class
  • KFELS Super B Class

In addition, we have a wind turbine installation vessel design: